Be Grateful. Be Successful. The Incredible Power of Positive Thinking

grateful“What are you grateful for? It’s amazing how your day, mood & perception can instantly change if you focus on the GOOD things in your life. What’s yours right now?”

This was a seemingly random Facebook update posted by Chris Winfield just a few days ago, a man whose knowledge, habits, attitude, and drive for success (and taste in music) I’ve come to look up to quite a bit in the past year or so since meeting him at the Blueglass TPA conference in Tampa, FL.

His post received a lot of likes, comments, and activity by some very successful individuals and some of the most positive people I know of. As I read through the comments, I thought to myself, “Wow, if all of these people can be so positively affected with this random Facebook post, there’s got to be something to it.”

It reminded me of a way of thinking that I try to live by, but often times forget in the daily hustle and bustle.

The Power of Positivity in Your Life

The more I reflected on this post, the more it reminded me about what I’ve learned about the traits of successful and effective people. It reminded me that positive thinking and vision are at the forefront of essentially any well-written piece of literature about success ever written. Whether its the 7 Habits, the 13 SecretsThinking and Growing Rich, or a random post on Facebook, at the epicenter of these habits is an omnipresent mindset of positivity.

And that’s what taking a moment each day to reflect on what you’re grateful for helps you reach.

At the risk of sounding all tree-hugging and hippy-like, this practice causes you to radiate with an aura of positive energy. It does this by equipping you to focus only on the things that make you feel really good. For those few moments, none of your problems matter.

It makes you smile, it lifts you up, and it motivates you to do more. And eventually, it drives you to become a person who has no problems, or at least none that are evident on the surface.

And people gravitate towards that kind of person. It makes you operate with a natural attraction. It makes people genuinely want to interact with you, because they know it will be a positive experience. And for you business folks out there, it makes selling a lot easier, because that positivity radiates in any business related activity you do.

Take 30 Seconds, Right Now

As I write this post, it’s Memorial Day in America. One thing that any American reading this post has to be thankful for is their freedom and the opportunities that come with that freedom every day. On top of that be thankful that you have brave people that risk their lives every day to support those freedoms. That one goes in my list every day.

So here’s what to do.

Clear your mind for a moment and think to yourself – “What am I grateful for?”

Whether it’s possessions, health, family, anything. Just pick a few things, and reflect on how those things make you feel, what you’ve done to get those things to where they are, and how you can do even more. You don’t have to list everything. Just get started and take it from there.

When you’re finished, notice how good you feel.

Now take that energy, and harness it. Do something positive with it. Maybe even make a personal change that will greatly impact your life.

And do it again the next day, and the next day, and never stop.

Beyond just the Four Pillars of Academy Success, the impact that positive thinking will have on your life will be profound.

Now go. Reflect. Be Positive. I’ve even given you the first one!

To Your Success!


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