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four pillars of academy successThroughout my life, I’ve examined a fair number of successful individuals. Being the curious person that I am, I’ve often wondered, what’s so special about them that allows them to continually do the things that they do?

A lot of people say you’re just born to be successful, that it can’t be earned. Well I just can’t accept that. I’ve seen too many ordinary people do extraordinary things to believe that a successful mindset is only inherited. Maybe some people are born with more natural traits of success creation than others, but inherited traits can only take a person so far.

What I’ve noticed through my observations are a few things.

To be truly successful for a long period of time, there is a certain amount of knowledge a person must acquire, a certain methodology of life a person must live, and a way to stay energetic and motivated each and every day to keep that motor of success running, and a way to do it all as efficiently as possible.

This is the Fast Track Formula of Academy Success, and I’m going to introduce it to you right now.

I’m not going to go into things like working ethic and thirst for knowledge. Those things are a given, and they’ll also only take you so far. The Fast Track Formula of Academy Success is composed of four distinct verticals that separate those people who simply desire success, and those who actually live success.

And one more thing. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE can learn them.

Just because you’re from a certain area of town, or went to a certain school, doesn’t mean you can’t learn the Fast Track Formula. You can. Anyone can. So listen up. This article is about to introduce you to a structure that may completely change your life, and put you on the road to success for good.

Life Hacking, Mindset

life hackingLife hacking in Academy Success terms means that you are able to see the world a little bit differently than everyone else. You don’t get caught up in what things are supposed to be like. You don’t live your life from a checklist that someone made for you. You live the way you think life should be lived. You do things the way you think they should be done. Your mindset is a bit different than the rest. Because you know there is most likely a better way.

You continually improve yourself and your knowledge of the world to get the most out of your existence. You continually improve your processes and systems to be as efficient as possible. You take in the world around you and become a keen observer of how to use everything in it to your advantage. You have a continual positive outlook on life. You always keep the long term goals of your life in mind, and everything you do is centered around those goals.

You live. You hack. Your mind is right. And you succeed.

Productivity, Getting Things Done

productivityYou know how to get things done. You rarely give into thoughts like “I don’t feel like it” or “I’ll do it tomorrow.” You have a solid awareness of the passage of time and how long it takes you to perform certain tasks. You understand what matters and what is a distraction.

You realize when you’re the most productive and when you’re better off resting. You know how to manage your energy and know when to take breaks.

You’re disciplined. You understand the value of systems and routines, but you know that sometimes you need to change things up.

You’re productive, all the time. And you succeed.

Health and Fitness, Sound Mind and Body

mind-body-spiritYou understand that you only have one body, and in order to be as effective as possible, you need to maintain it. You understand what to put in your body to keep it feeling great, and what to avoid to keep it from crashing.

You understand that just because you look good in the mirror, that doesn’t make you healthy. You understand that eating well is only one aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

You know the value of physical fitness. You understand that even though health and fitness takes work, it benefits your life massively in other ways.

You understand the value of the energy a healthy lifestyle provides. You know how it motivates you to do more. You feel how it keeps you sharp and on your toes. You understand that health and fitness goes beyond the outside of the body, that mental health is also part of your overall health and fitness.

You’re healthy. You’re fit. Your spirit is strong. And you succeed.

Personal Finance, Understanding Money

personal financeYou’re patient. You’re a long term thinker. You understand the financial implications of your decisions. You understand the time value of money. You don’t act on your impulses.

You know that sometimes money is abundant, and sometimes it may run short. You understand that just because you’re making more money, doesn’t mean you should spend more money. You have faith in yourself, yet you always have a backup plan.

You forget about the past and look towards the future. You’re money conscious, but you know when something is worth investing in. You do your research before making a financial decision.

You think big, but you understand risk.

You’re informed. You’re educated. You understand personal finance. And you succeed.

Learn the Fast Track Formula of Academy Success

If you haven’t noticed already, this formula is what this website is mostly about. It’s omnipresent throughout the site in the main navigation, and the content of the site is focused around them.

Every article will touch on one, if not more of these pillars in some way.

What I want you to understand is success is what you make it. It’s not the same for everyone. But I can promise you one thing.

Come along with me. Learn the Fast Track Formula of Academy Success. Incorporate it into your life, and no matter what success means to you, you will succeed.


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