30 Lessons Learned From 30 Years of Change

Note: I originally published this post on The Change Blog. Due to the great response, I am republishing it here for the benefit of Academy Success readers. As I write this post, I was brought into this world 30 years ago today. Even though 30 is apparently the new 20, and some days I feel like my real life is just starting to get interesting, I find myself reflecting on the experiences of the last 30 years, and all of the lessons I've managed to learn along the way. So here they are, … [Read more...]

How Can New Or Expecting Parents Keep Their Finances In Check?

Everyone has heard that after you have a child, your life will never be the same. While that's absolutely true, the saying itself doesn't really go into any useful details. In addition to having a sporadic sleep schedule for the next few years, one of the areas that a new child impacts the most is a couple's finances. According to multiple estimates, the cost to raise a child over the course of eighteen years is around $300,000. If that figure didn't make your jaw hit the floor, it's worth … [Read more...]

How to Let Go of Worry and Live the Life of Your Dreams

You know how awesome it is to dance when people aren't watching? It's great. There is no one to laugh at you, no one to please, no one passing their judgments on you about your moves. It's just pure. You move how you want to and you thoroughly enjoy it. Well, what if you could do the same thing with your life accomplishments? Have you ever decided not to do something because you were worried about what people would think? What if you could completely let go of worry. Some of us are … [Read more...]

Grab Your Copy of The Lifehackers Manifesto

Leading a more successful life isn't just about being more productive, or learning how to manage your finances well. It's about learning how to be a more effective person overall through the acquisition of a variety of skills and knowledge, and I want to be able to help do that for you through Academy Success. So to move closer towards that goal, I teamed up with 9 of my best blogging friends to create an awesome resource full of some of our best tips. It's called "The Lifehacker's … [Read more...]

A Simple Process to Make Your New Habits Stick

As we approach the beginning of a new year, you've probably got an awesome list of New Year's Resolutions that you've promised yourself you're going to stick to in 2013. That's great, but as I'm sure you've experienced before... things don't always go as planned. Don't worry. It's not your fault. Society has taught you that if you just "try harder" and "persevere" then you'll come out on top. Ok great. But what does that really mean? How do you really make your new habits stick? That … [Read more...]

Overcome Self Doubt With The Why Not Technique

Without a doubt in my mind, the number one thing holding you back from accomplishing the goals in your life is your own self doubt. It's something we all struggle with. Even the most successful people in the world have things they tell themselves they can't do. Well today, I'd like to introduce to you a technique that I've been using for the past few years of my life to help overcome self doubt. It's a way to not only pump yourself up for something you really want to do, but also identify … [Read more...]

How to Get Way More Done Using the Sticky Note Technique

Awesome freeze frame, right? Gotta get better at that. Anyway - The Sticky Note Technique is a very simple, yet extremely powerful technique to improve your day to day productivity. This solves many common problems with to-do lists such as feeling overwhelmed, listing unimportant tasks, not getting everything done, and more. With this one simple technique, you’ll not only increase what you get done, but you’ll also increase the effectiveness of the things you get done on your overall … [Read more...]

Why Do You Do That To Yourself? Always Be Improving.

I had an interesting experience this weekend I'd like to share with you. Something that reminded me how differently that high achieving individuals think than the rest of the world. Something that should resonate heavily with you. And something that you should never lose sight of if you are going to be a high achiever. I was driving home from a family event with my grandmother in the car with me. We were having a nice conversation about things I've been doing, things I'm working on now, and … [Read more...]

11 Killer Productivity Tactics to Significantly Elevate Your Output

Whatever your goals are in life, it's always going to be the case, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you're going to need to get a large amount of things done on the way to that success. No one becomes successful sitting around just waiting for life to happen. Therefore, it follows that one of the supreme building blocks of success is mastering the art of time management and productivity. The better you become at effectively managing your time and heightening your level of meaningful output, … [Read more...]

When Nitpicking Attacks and How to Beat It

Nitpicking... Details... Details are great when necessary, but sometimes they just don't matter. That's why I'm keeping this blog post short and simple. Because if I can get my message across in 500 words and get you to take action, that's much better than wasting my time and your time writing more. Sometimes details aren't worth obsessing over, but we still do it, because many of us have an addiction to perfection. Even I used to. Sometimes I'd catch myself reading emails three and … [Read more...]