[Video] How A Simple Slap to Convention Can Net You Two Vacations

buy me a trip

I’ve always thought that doing things because “that’s what you’re supposed to do” is a really dumb reason to do anything, and that plays a big part in what this lesson explores.

Nearly every post on this blog shows you how to find a better way to do something in your life, and this may be one of the most useful and widely applicable of all.

It tackles a personal finance issue that every couple in the world has – not having enough spending money – and even applies to you single folks out there too.

In this edition of Academy Success TV, I am going to peel back the curtains on a hack my wife and I have been using for the past year that I like to call the “Buy Me A Trip Technique.”

I’m going to show you how I slapped convention in its ugly face, turned the silly paradigm I dissect in this video on its head, and used the results to significantly enhance my lifestyle.

And beyond what I mention in this video, you can even take this a step further by convincing your friends and family who insist on getting you gifts (you’d be amazed and how difficult it is to convince someone not to get you something), to get you things like hotel and travel gift cards from places like Travelocity.

Couple this with a travel rewards card, and you can take ‘free’ vacations every year.

Think you’ll use this technique? Let me know in the comments, and make sure to follow up in a few months with how it’s going.

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  1. Cody Wheeler says

    Hi Suzette – Thanks.

    For me, it’s the action of just getting something started that gets my thoughts flowing and in order. Sometimes it all comes out on the page in a jumbled mess, but it can all be organized after that fact.

    It’s easy to get stuck with too many thoughts or not knowing where to start. The biggest thing it just to get started somehow, and you’ll start to feel things come together.

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