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jeff walker plf live 2012

This post is going to be awesome. By the end of it you will be inspired to take an action that I know will change the entire way you approach your life.

I just got back from Jeff Walker’s PLF Live 2012 event, which is full of highly motivated entrepreneurs and overall just really positive people to be around.

I had a lot of goals while I was out there, but my one main umbrella goal was this.

Surround Yourself With Success” – and it wasn’t too hard to do in this room.

The group at this event is a private group of online entrepreneurs who are all basically unknowns on the grand scheme of things.

Many possess a dream like I do, to build something awesome with their talents to make a positive difference in the world. And many are high six figure earning individuals. Thirty percent of the room were millionaires.

  • There’s Susan the Dog Trainer, who teaches the world how to train their dogs to do just about anything
  • There’s Will the tennis pro, who has found a better way to teach tennis online by bringing the world “Hi-Def Tennis”
  • There’s Eric the long drive champion, who is teaching the world how to crush the cover off a golf ball
  • There’s Philip the day trader, who teaches the world how to maximize their trading profits
  • There’s Jeremy the credit doctor, who teaches people how to beat the bad items out of their credit report
  • And there’s a whole crowd of soon to be very successful people throughout the room who have similar dreams

So, Why Am I Telling You This?

Because this is absolutely the most inspiring group of people I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone in the room is amazingly energetic and passionate about their cause.

I’ve been to this event twice in my life, and for months thereafter each time the positivity of the people, what they stood for, and their stories of accomplishment stayed with me.

Even to this day I think about their stories and what they have been able to do, some with fewer resources than I had, and it drives and inspires me to go do great things myself.

Why Not, right?

And then I think to myself, “Where would I be if I never heard of Jeff Walker and this amazing group of individuals?”

It scares me to think about.

Fill Your Lack of Positive Influences

I’m fortunate and gracious to be surrounded by a pretty supportive group of individuals who believe in what I do – and that’s big – but not everyone is so lucky.

The lack of positive influences in your life can be nearly as damaging as negative influences.

Without people to inspire you and help drive you towards your goals, without people to show you that you really can accomplish what you seek to accomplish, without successful people to look up to you and mentor you, you may have trouble truly believing in yourself and striving forward every day. You may not be able to dream as big as you would be able to otherwise.

You may end up as just one of the herd following along in the daily hamster wheel of life.

That’s where I was heading before I discovered my tribe. And it’s an incredibly liberating feeling to be rid of that mindset of mediocrity.

When you locate positive influences and surround yourself with them, you will discover your intellectual and creative freedom. You won’t have to worry about what people think of you. You will know what you are doing is right without a question. And you will just strive forward.

Seek out positive influences in your life who will say things like “Wow! Good for you,” “That’s awesome,” and “That’s a great idea” when you tell them about your dreams and goals. Seek out those people who are interested in what you have to say and can understand the passion that drives you.

Tell any one of these people about your idea and you will hear amazing praise and encouragement. You will never hear anyone tell you that your idea is silly, you are wasting your time, or make fun of you for what you are doing.

And you will succeed.

Surround Yourself With Success

So I close by issuing you a challenge.

First, think about those people in your life who inspire and support you. Think about the positive influences who have never doubted your dreams. Think about those who have done great things, or are currently doing great things of their own. Think about those people who you aspire to be like.

Now I want you to make a list. Write down at least three people who you consider to be successful like-minded individuals, who can positively influence your life.

  • They can be family members
  • They can be friends
  • They can be coaches
  • They can be professors
  • They can be community leaders
  • They can be online influences (feel free to list me)
  • They can be anyone you want, as long as they are able to positively influence you in some way towards your goals.

Now write down how you can connect with these people on some level and begin to be more open to their presence in your life.

Don’t be a desperate creepo. Be genuine. Make sure the relationship is mutually beneficial, and be very gracious of their time.

If you’re serious about making life changes and improving yourself as a person, and most importantly, are willing to work at it, these types of people will be more than willing to open themselves up to help you with that goal. You’d be amazed at how open people are to helping you if they see your are genuine about your goals.

Once you’ve got that list, it’s up to you to touch base with those people and take it from there.

Even just once successful positive influence in your life can make a profound difference, and can be the catalyst to a lifetime of accomplishment, much like mine was when I discovered Jeff Walker.

Once you’ve done that, report back here or just reply to one of my emails (if you’re not on the list, just sign up to the right) and let me know how this worked out for you.

Lastly, if you know anyone who could benefit from having more positive influences in their life, open up your favorite email program and send them this article to lend them a hand. They’ll greatly appreciate it and I will too.

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  1. says

    There is one other issue: what to do about the “failure” you have presently surrounded yourself with, either by choice or by default. I recently did a guest post over at that addressed what to do about the non-supportive people in our lives. The outline goes like this:

    Let the people who are not serving you go (without judgment)
    Invite new supportive people into your life (as your post suggests)
    Inoculate yourself against those who won’t be going
    Take charge of the biggest influencer in your life: you!

    The long version can be read here:

    • Cody Wheeler says

      Yep. Very good point Kenneth. This is always a tough one, especially when these people are family and friends. Your advice is solid. Thanks for sharing.

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