Why You Don’t Work Out or Eat Well and How to Fix It

why you dont work outHave you ever wondered, even though you really want to, why you don’t work out or eat well on a daily basis?

Well, here’s the dealio.

When it comes to health and fitness in this world, there are three types of people.

The first just doesn’t care enough to ever learn anything that will work for the long term.

They’ve never really made an effort to be healthy in their life, other than maybe the occasional battle with a trendy diet they saw on Dr. Phil, or an elliptical machine that was promised to be all they needed to roll Hollywood style.

They have no hope, nor do they really care to.

The second has a chance at this whole living healthy thing.

They’re athletic enough to be dangerous, and know a decent enough to understand what they should be doing. They even get to the gym and play a few sports now and again. But they struggle with the motivation necessary to stick to it, and thus don’t achieve long-term results.

The third is addicted to health and fitness. It’s their life. These are your personal trainers, nutrition coaches, and meat/granola heads that absolutely cannot live without working out and eating well. Health and fitness is like going to the grocery for them. It’s just part of life.

I Like Krispy Kremes

As much as I would like to say I hit the gym four times a week and haven’t walked into a Krispy Kreme my entire life, I know that’s not true, and it never will be. I like a donut now and again.

Truthfully, I have no real desire to be that way either.

Don’t get me wrong. I love health and fitness and understand the benefits quite well just as well as a lot of folks in this kind of crew, but it’s not a burning part of my soul like it is theirs. I don’t absolutely need it in my life to live the way I want to. It’s just not how I am.

What Group Are You In?


I’m in the second group.

I’m the dude who works out a couple of times per week, still plays sports fairly well and can run 10 miles and roll Paleo to drop some much needed body fat when needed. But I’m not necessarily looking to be the top finisher in that 10-miler or cut out ice cream sandwiches from my diet for the rest of my life.

And I would be willing to bet you’re somewhere in that same boat too.

You understand health and fitness better than that person next to you eating gluten free fruity pebbles, but you may not necessarily care to run the Ironman (although I do recommend volunteering if you ever get a chance – and look me up).

Feel 100% free to correct me if I’m wrong and share your method to staying healthy. Of course not everyone operates in the same mindset.

Your Self Improvement Challenge

My point with all of this is that something is better than nothing.

Here’s the tough thing with being stuck in this archetype of health and fitness.

Often times a lot of people will rationalize not working out or eating nutritiously some of the time, because they look at people like those in group three and say “There’s no way I could do all of that. Why bother?”

Look at it this way. Even if you can only run a mile, or even if you only eat one healthy meal per day, you’re still doing infinitely better than that person who didn’t bother because they couldn’t take it all the way.

Maybe some day you’ll find the motivation to be a fitness junkie like the folks in group there, and hey, maybe I will too, but for now… just get started with something.

You’ll be a lot better off than you were before.

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