CrossFit and Cavemen | How Fitness Skyrockets Your Success

crossfit paleoLift. Rest. Lift. Rest. Blah.

Anyone who has ever worked out in any sort of regular fashion knows how boring and repetitive it can get. This was the case for me for basically the last year. I was bored with my fitness, and it was affecting not only my health, but my motivation and productivity, in a big way. So I made a change, a change that is turning out to be pretty awesome – but more about that in just a minute.

Let’s talk about how this is going to help you.

Why Fitness is So Important to Your Success

Forget the deep down science behind all of it. The simple fact is, when you’re physically active, your body has more energy. And when you have more energy, your brain operates at a higher level. When your brain operates at a higher level, your motivation levels (controlled by the chemicals in your brain) absolutely skyrocket.

That’s why you see so many successful people routinely leading active lifestyles, and why you often see those that are out of shape dragging around the world just skating by.

The reverse is also true.

When you fail to lead an active lifestyle, you become more sedentary, and a sedentary lifestyle doesn’t do a lot of good for your energy levels. Thus your motivation plummets, and you’re far less likely to get out and do more with your life. You may even slip into a mild depression, which a lot of people do during the colder, less active months.

How CrossFit and Cavemen Saved My Fitness

Just over 30 days ago, I wasn’t doing a whole lot for my fitness. I played golf now and then, and worked out one day a week or so at the local urban gym, but it was nothing serious. And honestly I never enjoyed the gym all that much anyway.

I realized I needed something more fun and involved. Something I could wake up feeling excited about doing.

Enter CrossFit

For the last 30 days or so, I’ve been exploring the world of CrossFit at a good friend of mine’s gym, ClarkFloyd Crossfit in New Albany, Indiana. Yes – that’s me – collapsed on the floor after a devastating go at a 30-minute long workout from hell called a “Filthy Fifty.” If you’re curious, I recommend Google. I don’t want to re-live it anytime soon.

filthy fifty aftermath

I won’t lie. It’s hard. I go in there every day not knowing what to expect, and I leave out of breath, my muscles whipped, and feeling like a million bucks. The community, the atmosphere, the variety, and just about everything else about the place is motivating as hell, including the resounding shouts of “Get it Boys” from Head Coach Case Belcher, who just opened the doors on April 1, 2012.

I’m definitely still learning all of the movements, workout names, people’s names for that matter, and have only been able to participate in about 11 classes so far, but I’ve noticed an incredible difference already.

My energy has returned to what it once was, I’ve dropped 8 pounds in 30 days, my clothes are fitting much better, I’m much happier every day, and best of all, my motivation is through the roof.

I’ve found time to work on several side projects worth several thousand dollars in additional income (including this website). I’ve gotten a ton of projects done that I’ve been putting off, and I’ve been actively “sharpening the saw” as Covey puts it.

Now if I could only kick the cheeseburgers. :)

Enter Cavemen (Paleo Nutrition)

I’m not going to claim to know a ton about living a Paleo lifestyle, but I do know a few people who do, and they’re some of the most motivated and happy people I know. I figure there’s go to be something to it and being the life hacker that I am, I’m willing to try anything that will enhance my true productivity.

Like the opening of ClarkFloyd CrossFit struck me on the head and said, “this is for you dude” – Paleo is the same situation.

Coach Case has put together a 30 Day Paleo Challenge for anyone who wants to try on the Paleo lifestyle, and could benefit from a little bit of accountability and community. He gave a couple of great introductory seminars to go over the basics of a Paleo lifestyle (eating like a caveman), and got us all pretty pumped about the lifestyle gains we could get from it.

Over 20 people signed up, and we’re in for a fun ride throughout the month of May. With workout times affecting the results, this adds an extra layer of motivation for those of us doing the challenge, a very clever design – something Coach Case is really good at.

clarkfloyd crossfit paleo seminar

For anyone who is interested, there is more information posted here on the ClarkFloyd Crossfit website. You can also learn about the community of CrossFit if you’re not up to speed already. It’s awesome if you’ve got an opportunity to get on board.

ClarkFloyd CrossFit 30 Day Paleo Challenge

Before Paleo

For the record, I weighed in at about 178 (down from 186 30 days prior) and around 18% body fat. Not bad, but I’m naturally a pretty thin guy. I can go much lower, and feel better in the process.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens. And yea, it’ll be tough, but I’m not going to complain. One of my favorite quotes from Coach Case during the introduction was this.

“Quitting heroine is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Drinking your coffee black is not hard. Just stick with it and you’ll be fine.”

Your Call to Action

I know this post was mostly about me, but I don’t want to let that take away from what you can get out of it.

What I want you to do is examine your motivation levels, your energy levels, your level of happiness and satisfaction with your life, and compare them to your level of fitness.

Is your fitness suffering? If so, that probably means the rest is suffering right along with it.

You don’t have to do CrossFit, but find something athletic that gets your blood pumping, that you enjoy doing, and that you can be held accountable for. That’s the recipe for fitness success. And that’ll help you skyrocket your success in other areas of your life as well.

Oh and also, follow along to see my progress. If Paleo is as beneficial as I think it’s going to be, you’ll probably want to hear all about it from someone who’s had first hand experience.

Stay tuned.

To Your Success!


PS: For those of you in the Louisville, KY or New Albany, Indiana area, ClarkFloyd Crossfit is currently enrolling new members. Give Coach Case a call if you’re interested in changing your lifestyle. We’d love to have you as a part of the community.

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