13 Ridiculous Excuses For Not Making Money

I've received all kinds of questions over the years about money and wealth creation, and quite a few more since opening my new course last week. Some are totally legit, but some are silly, like... "I'm 46. Isn't it too late for me?" "What if I have kids? Kids cost money." "I have a house to pay for. I can't save any money." Can you see what these people are doing? Over the years since I've been selling online courses, I've taken note of a strange phenomenon. It never fails. … [Read more...]

Your Three 401k Millionaire Options Explained

When I first started developing 401k Millionaire, it was originally planned as a high end video course only. It was packed full of several hours of high definition video content, plus extra downloads such as email scripts and templates, full slide decks, MP3s, PDFs, and accountability reminders. There was only going to be one way to get it, to be a high achieving premium subscriber. But then I thought back on why I created Academy Success in the first place, to help as many individuals … [Read more...]

The Incredible Earning Power of the 401k Quadruple Threat

Today, I want to show you what I call the "quadruple threat" of your 401k, and how these four factors can combine to potentially create millions of dollars of wealth. Now, I know what you might be thinking right now. "It can't be that big of a deal...?" I thought the same thing when I first got my 401k. My dad always told me that a good retirement plan was one of the biggest differentiators between employers, and to make sure I found a job that had one. I didn't think much of it at … [Read more...]

Myth 4: Someone Else Will Handle Your Financial Future

So far in the Four Biggest Myths of Wealth Creation series, we've talked about several common limiting beliefs that are holding you back from a life of success in personal finance (we're talking literally six to seven figure setbacks here, so pay attention). We've blown away the common belief that you can't get rich working for someone else, by showing you that even an average salary can create a portfolio that will generate millions and more We've destroyed the limiting belief that you … [Read more...]

[Video] Myth 3: Investing Might As Well Be Gambling

Welcome back. This is myth number 3 in the Four Biggest Myths of Wealth Creation video series. I hope you've been enjoying the videos so far. If you missed any or would like to watch them again, you can check out videos one and two at the links just below. I recommend doing so if you missed them. They'll reveal some very interesting mindset shifts you can make that can dramatically alter the results you can achieve with your personal finances and wealth creation. Here are those … [Read more...]

Myth 2: Only Money People Should Invest

Ok. Welcome back to the Four Biggest Myths of Wealth Creation series. I hope you enjoyed the first video. If you missed that, you can check that out here - http://academysuccess.com/myth-1-cant-get-rich-working-someone-else/ Now, let's move on to the next myth - one that limits people on a massive scale, and most likely you on some level. This one goes something like this: "Only 'money people' should invest" "You have to be a math whiz for that stuff to work" "I just don't know … [Read more...]

[Video] Myth 1: You can’t get rich working for someone else

This is a pretty typical myth that I want to bust wide open for you today. In fact, a Google search for this exact phrase yields about 22 million results. Many are on top publications such as Business Insider, Forbes, and MSN. This TOTALLY freaking blows my mind… I don’t know what these writers were thinking, but I guess they forgot to break out their calculators when they came up with that idea. Or maybe they just have a really convoluted definition of what it means to be rich. Most … [Read more...]

Shit… Where Did All of My Money Go…?

"Shit... where did all of my money go...???" It's a gut wrenching feeling, having earned tens of thousands of dollars and having no idea where it all went, and having little or nothing to show for it. Have you ever gotten a bank statement, tax return, pay stub or some other document that shows how much money you made in a given period, but then you have little to no idea where all of that money went? It sucks. I've been there before, and if you'll stay with me for the next few minutes, … [Read more...]

Why You Should Be Proud of Your 9-5

Check out what this dude tweeted me (and like 47 other people) yesterday. @CodyBWheeler Anyone is 3-5 years away from retirement, at ANY age. We are in a new evolved economy. No need for conventional jobs or 401K. — Chris Kilber (@ChrisKilber) This was in response to a contest I was running at the time for access to one of my courses. I won't lie. At first I was pissed. It felt like this was a personal attack in response to something I was trying to help. But then I realized this dude … [Read more...]