clockThere is a lot of productivity training that goes into becoming a master of time management.

Hell, I’m still working on it myself. But before you can even think about being at the tip top of your output, you must first learn some of the basic essentials, as well as the huge benefits to your life to get you in the right mindset and skyrocket your motivation.

Why You Should Focus on Productivity Training

Time is money.

For anyone that thinks otherwise, they must not value their time very highly (or at all for that matter). We’ve been trading time for money since the beginning. Whether it’s two loin cloths for a week’s work, or $100,000 a year, it’s the same concept.

Your time is directly tied to your money. The better you are at time management, and what I call “true productivity” the more you can maximize your output, which will help you raise that bar of how much you are paid for your time.

So if you like money, which if you’re reading this blog I’m pretty sure you do :), then you had better learn how to start taking better advantage of those 24 hours that are available to you and everyone else in each day.

Take a look at the posts below. Maybe you’ve read them already, maybe you haven’t.

Either way, I want you to read through them in the order I’ve listed them. Each will open in a new tab. Read one, take notes, then read the rest. These posts introduce some of the basic principles of time management. The more complex stuff can come later after you learn these.

Productivity Training 101:

Own Your Morning, Day, and Night

1. Save Precious Hours Each Week By Streamlining Your Morning Routine – Mornings can sometimes suck. I used to take forever in the mornings until I learned a few key strategies. Here you’ll learn how to construct a morning routine that’ll have you out the door in no time.

2. Own Your Day, Don’t Let Your Day Own You – Developing the habits to ensure you’re maximizing your productivity during each hour of the day can be a taxing task. Here you’ll learn a key principle that will help you easily shape your entire work day.

3. Can’t Sleep? Read These Three Easy Steps to a Better Night’s Sleep – A good night’s sleep is ultra important to productivity and time management. It’s pretty hard to get things done if you’re moving like a zombified sloth person from a lack of sleep. Here you’l learn how to wind down quickly, and fall asleep when your head hits the pillow.

Productivity and Time Management Mindset

4. What a Frog Can Teach You About Time Management – This article holds one of the best strategies you can learn to restore lost focus and recover from distractions throughout your day. Learn the way of the frog to significantly enhance your potential output.

5. How to Get More Done in Less Time, Like Tomorrow – A few simple techniques can go a long way in the basic world of time management and productivity. This article teaches you a few common, but underused methods to skyrocket your output.

6. Understanding True Productivity. Are You Really Getting Anything Done? – Go from the busy work routine of spinning the daily hamster wheel to being a highly effective manager of time who only works on stuff that matters.