The ability to succeed in life isn’t something you’re just born with. It’s created throughout your life through your experiences, upbringing, will to persevere, and the image you hold of yourself.

Through what you’ll learn on Academy Success, you’ll discover how to mold yourself into the exact picture of success that you envision, and how to achieve things you once could only dream of doing. So where do I come in? Well, being a scholar of all things self-improvement related, I have many more goals I’d like to achieve before my time has run out. I started this website to do two things on my life goal list, both of which will highly benefit you.

  • Create something that no one else has ever created
  • Create a presence on the Internet that I can use to positively influence society

What I’d really like to do is be your partner in your journey to success. Whatever success means to you, I want to help you get there. Academy Success will always be completely free to read. Sure, I’ll have training for sale (I’d be a bozo if I didn’t), but you’ll never be obligated to buy anything if you don’t want to. Either way, I have no doubt this website will have a profound impact on your life. So right now you might be thinking, who the heck is Cody Wheeler and why should I learn the life skills I didn’t learn in school from him? Well, here’s my story.

About Cody Wheeler

cody-wheeler-academy-successFounder of Academy Success, MBA, CSP, CSPO, published author, scholar of life, Internet geek, and native of Louisville, KY – I’ve always been interested (some call me obsessed) in anything from the school of increasing one’s personal effectiveness. To name a few:

Basically anything that has to do with increasing what one can accomplish, I’m on that bus, no question.

At this point in my life, I just turned 30, have learned plenty of lessons in my life, and have experienced first hand the massive personal gain that being a student of these areas of life can bring, and I’m learning more every single day. My goal with Academy Success is to use these schools of thought, and any others I can discover and define along the way, to create a place where you can learn and grow as a highly motivated and effective individual. And while I might be the creator of this site, I hope to also learn a lot from you.

I very much hope this to be a two-way street. I would love for you to join me in my mission to help take the world beyond what what it is taught in school.

You can join Academy Success here.

To Your Success!

Cody Wheeler

Personalized Coaching Now Open

I’ve just opened up my One-on-One Personalized Financial Coaching, which is a service I designed to guide you step-by-step to achieve your financial goals. If you’re ready to start taking the next step with your money, but aren’t sure where to start, apply for a spot now.

Or if you’d rather go at it on your own, give my simple Money Mindset Course a look to start developing a solid financial mindset to help drive your future.